Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurates zero waste campus in Oran Algeria and launches a scaling-up and replication phase with Minister of Environment and Prime Minister.

Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurates zero waste campus in Oran Algeria and launches a scaling-up and replication phase with Minister of Environment and Prime Minister.

Mr. Lubke (of Compost Systems) presents the compost produced in R20’s demonstration project (in the presence of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Governor of Oran, Mr. Abdelghani Zaalene). Photo Credit R20 MED.

September 26th 2016:

Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurates zero waste campus in Oran, Algeria and launches a scaling-up and replication phase with Minister of Environment and Prime Minister.

On September 26th 2016, Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California and Founding Chair of R20, was officially received by the Wali (Governor) of Oran, Algeria.

This visit was an opportunity to see first-hand the achievements and projects developed by the Region of Oran with the help of R20 and local partners on the ground.

The program included a visit to the landfill site (CET) of Hassi Bounif, which includes a compost production pilot project and waste sorting chain. In the near future, a new large-scale sorting center will be installed. To illustrate the positive impacts of upstream recycling, Schwarzenegger visited the Al-Riyadh residence (Hasnaoui Group) where selective sorting of household waste is now operational.

After a short stop at the Oran Environment House, the visit ended at the provincial guest house, where a set of agreements were signed. One agreement was signed with green project investor, Manaby, for a 250 Million USD zero waste campus; another was signed with Eco Green for a 15 Million USD plastic recycling facility. In addition, an agreement was signed with the Engineering School of Mines of St-Etienne, France and the National Technical University of Oran for a Master degree for green infrastructure projects.

Schwarzenegger also attended the 2016 Green Building Solutions & Green City Awards ceremony, where three national winners were honored.

The second part of Schwarzenegger’s working visit took place in Algiers, where Schwarzenegger was received by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal and the Minister of Water Resources and Environment, Abdelkader Ouali. Following this meeting, a joint statement concerning the development of a renewed agreement was signed.

As a result of this new agreement, R20 will continue its mission in replicating and scaling up its program in Algeria. This will include training and capacity building, and mobilization of industrial partners and investors for the implementation of low-carbon waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


Le 26 septembre 2016, M. Arnold Schwarzenegger, membre fondateur de l’ONG R20 et ancien gouverneur de la Californie a été reçu officiellement par le Wali d’Oran (Algérie).

Cette visite a été l’occasion de voir de visu les réalisations et les projets développés par le R20 et les partenaires locaux sur le terrain.

Le programme de visite a inclus le centre d’enfouissement technique ( CET ) de Hassi Bounif, où est installée l’unité pilote de production de compost et que la chaine de tri ainsi que le nouveau centre ce tri sélectif. Pour illustrer les efforts menés dans le cadre du tri sélectif en amont, M. Schwarzenegger s’est rendu à la résidence El-Ryad (Groupe Hasnaoui) où le tri sélectif des déchets ménagers est opérationnel.

Après un court arrêt à la maison de l’environnement d’Oran, la visite se termina à la maison d’hôte de la wilaya, où un ensemble de convention a été signé avec de investisseurs porteurs de projets verts, l’Ecole des Mines de St-Etienne et l’Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d’Oran.

L’occasion a été aussi de discerné des prix aux trois gagnants nationaux du concours « Green Building & Green City Solutions Awards 2016 ».

La seconde partie de cette visite de travail s’est déroulée à Alger, où M. Schwarzenegger a été reçu par Le Premier ministre, Abdelmalek Sellal, et le Ministre des Ressources en Eau et de l’Environnement, Abdelkader Ouali. Suite à cette rencontre, un communiqué commun portant l’élaboration du nouvel accord a été signé.

De ce fait, le R20 continu sa mission de mise en œuvre de projets à faible émissions de carbone, de communiquer les meilleures pratiques et stratégies dans le domaine des énergies renouvelables pour créer une économie verte.



Signature of a joint statement between Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Minister of Water Resources and Environment, Mr. Ouali Abdelkader, in the presence of Mrs Michèle Sabban, President of R20. Photo Credit R20 MED.


Signature of a partnership agreement between the Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran, School of Mines St Etienne and the R20. (From left to right: Mr. Abdelkader Benziane, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Bruno Léger, and Mr. Christian Brodhag). Photo Credit R20 MED.



Visit to the sorting line in Landfill Center of Hassi Bounif, Oran. Photo Credit R20 MED.