“Our focus on sustainable development using unique technology and the fantastic partnerships we have built drive the success of this project. By integrating multiple groups, each with a valuable skill set, has proven a great way to create fundamental value, especially in developing economies where local knowledge is a highly critical driver of success.”

Craig Cogut,
Founder and Chairman of Pegasus Capital Advisors


How the R20 addresses barriers to investment:
The R20 serves as a project and finance matchmaker. The R20 brings together decisions makers, technology holders and financiers, all working together towards this same goal: create the proper conditions enabling the development of bankable projects.

Providing assistance to sub-national governments is not R20’s only objective. In order to attract investors the R20 ensures appropriate return on investments, which are comparable – if not more interesting – than other existing opportunities. Investors who show an interest in a R20-endorsed project can count on political and public policy security, technology security and financial security.

Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA)
Solving the climate finance gap will require the coordinated action of a multitude of different actors, working in awareness of the impact that the work of each can have on the effectiveness of others in accelerating the flow of climate finance.

In late 2014, Ban Ki Moon created Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA), in order to promote understanding by the collective of the importance of investors in helping the deliver results and to stimulate cooperation and coordinated action to accelerate the flow of climate finance. Today the CCFLA is an alliance of some 46 organizations from the financial and business sectors, NGOs and networks of subnational governments.

In 2016, R20 Regions of Climate Action was elected to lead the Secretariat of the CCFLA, partnering with three other organizations, FMDV, UNDP and UNEP

Other financial institutions
Asian Development Bank
Green Global Group (GGG) MR. International Inc.
Pegasus Capital Advisors