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R20 is implementing a technical and financial ecosystem to cover the whole value chain of project development, financing and implementation. Sub national authorities around the world can benefit from this unique one stop shop to improve the sustainability of their region.

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Joint Call to Scale-up Project Preparation Processes for Green Infrastructure Implementation through SOURCE

The Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) held its 2017 annual meeting in Washington D.C. on April 19th, hosted by the World Bank, bringing together Development Banks, and leaders of international sub-national government networks such as AER, FMDV, ICLEI, ORU-Fogar & R20. The agenda focused on the launching of Source (a global scale software that supports the preparation

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The R20 MED extends its activities on two new wilayas of Algeria

Under the patronage of the Algerian Minister of Water and Environment Resources, the R20 MED team hosted study days on sustainable development and sustainable urban development. These were held on April 3rd at the wilaya of Béjaïa (East of the country) and on April 9th at the wilaya Mostaganem (West of the country). The purpose

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We are developing a pipeline of green infrastructure projects in waste, renewable energies and energy efficiency through public private partnerships by bringing together public authorities, technology partners and financial investors.

<br></br>National and Sub-National Authorities

National and Sub-National Authorities

Through its large network of members and affiliate members, the R20 connects overt 560 subnational and local governments around the world

<br></br>Businesses and Project Facilitators

Businesses and Project Facilitators

R20 works with technology companies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, UN programmes, and others to develop bankable or investment-ready projects.

<br></br>Investors and Financial institutions

Investors and Financial institutions

R20 promotes a number of innovative financial mechanisms to facilitate the development of the most promising projects. R20 works with a broad investor network, including public financial institutions, development banks, and public and private equity investors.