R20, SIF and partners conduct Source training in South Africa

On April 3rd and 4th, R20 and its partners conducted a training workshop for well-prepared infrastructure projects, hosted by the City of Tshwane.

The workshop focused on Source, a Project preparation software for public sector users to prepare projects in a consistent and standardized format that has been fully endorsed by the major Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). The Geneva-based Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF), whose mission is to manage the strategic development of Source and to globally disseminate the use of Source among governments, public institutions and agencies. To learn more: https://public.sif-source.org/.

The CEO of SIF, Mr. Christophe Dossarps, was joined by R20 staff and R20 partners, ICLEI, SALGA & DBSA, for this two-day training that focused on using Source to prepare renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management projects at the sub-national level. A number of projects from local governments, with their associated project managers, were selected based on their previous application to R20’s 100 Climate Solutions Project Campaign https://regions20.org/our-projects/100-climate-solutions-projects-campaign/.

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