The R20 MED extends its activities on two new wilayas of Algeria


Under the patronage of the Algerian Minister of Water and Environment Resources, the R20 MED team hosted study days on sustainable development and sustainable urban development. These were held on April 3rd at the wilaya of Béjaïa (East of the country) and on April 9th at the wilaya Mostaganem (West of the country).

The purpose of the meetings sought to educate participants about the concrete territorial experiences of R20 MED in the field of green economy carried out in wilaya of Oran. This wilaya was designated as a pilot region by the Framework Partnership Agreement signed in June 2013 between the Ministry of the Environment and the R20. The meetings also highlighted the conditions required for the establishment of a road map for the wilayas concerned and for the duplication of the projects currently in operation in Oran.

Elected representatives of the Popular Assemblies of Wilaya and the People’s Municipal Assembly (APW and APC), public and private economic operators, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, board members of environmental and neighborhood associations, architects, real estate developers, and members of the academic and scientific research sector were some of the 500 participants in attendance.

The multi-sectorial meetings presented R20 with an opportunity to communicate with the participants good practices and eco-citizen behaviors, in the areas of waste recycling and energy efficiency in buildings in hopes that concrete and coordinated actions could see ground within these wilayas as soon as May 2017.