Training and Capacity building


An important aspect of project identification is capacity building and training. To this end, R20 conducts workshops, training programs and policy advisory services with local governments, as well as with private and public sector partners, to facilitate project development. 

For example, R20 has created a Master’s program with one of the leading universities in Oran to help local authorities from different African regions learn how to carry out project feasibility studies. In Delta State Nigeria, R20 advised the state government on its Integrated Territorial Climate Plan, which led to the identification of several pilot projects. In terms of policy advisory, R20 also works closely with local governments to help them implement pro-green policies. For example, in Brazil, R20 is working hand in hand to assist several municipalities to put the best policies in place for LED street lighting programs. R20 also held an interactive workshop in Oran with its partner GSEP, authorities, investors and utilities to facilitate better project deal flow for renewable energy.  

Master Program in Oran

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