R20 promotes a number of innovative financial mechanisms to facilitate the development of the most promising projects. On the one hand, the Pre-Investment Facilities (PIFs) will allow a project team to conduct the feasibility studies required for bankability; on the other hand, the Leonardo DiCaprio Philanthropic Planet Pledge Fund (PPF), and the Green Investment Accelerator Facility (GIAF), will provide and attract additional investment capital to fund project implementation. 

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Planet Pledge Fund (PPF)

This initiative stems from a coalition of philanthropists who will pool their resources to create a $1 billion fund invested in $10 billion of clean development projects that mitigate climate change and generate $1 billion of profits to be used for conservation of endangered habitats and species. 

Green Investment Accelerator Facility (GIAF) 

The GIAF will invest in renewable energy, waste and city lighting infrastructure projects, delivering market-rate risk-adjusted investment returns and sustainable development goals. The projects will be designed and developed by Pre-Investment Facilities (PIFs) to de-risk projects, mobilizing public and private sector resources and integrating the needs of all stakeholders.

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These financial mechanisms and funds are currently under development.
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