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The R20 is a membership based organization. R20’s members are subnational governments from around the world who are committed to develop, implement, and communicate low-carbon and climate resilient economic development projects, policies, and best practices.

The R20 defines subnational governments as: “governments within a national government.” For example, subnational governments may be states, provinces, territories, cities, municipalities, counties, parishes, cantons, etc. Most of the R20’s members are the highest order of subnational governments — those one level down from the national level. However, individual cities and counties are also encouraged to join.

The benefits of R20 membership include:

  • Unique access to low-carbon project funding and technical support to help members achieve their regional environmental, economic, and public health goals;
  • Invitation to participate in R20 General Assembly meetings;
  • Receipt of all R20 correspondence and resources;
  • Eligibility to be elected to the R20 Governing Board, which oversees the actions of the organization;
  • Ability to vote on matters and influence the direction of the organization;
  • Eligibility to be nominated to participate in various Advisory Committees;
  • Ability to participate in and inform R20 project workgroups and new R20 projects;
  • Opportunity to interact with a diverse network of thought leaders;
  • Opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world and share best practices and lessons learned;
  • Ability to demonstrate environmental and economic leadership at the subnational level.

Qualification for membership, and thus participation in the General Assembly, will be based on the following criteria. Members must be:

  • Committed to work toward progressive policies to address climate change and build sustainable economies;
  • Able to designate one person with the authority to make decisions on behalf of the subnational government to participate in the R20’s activities;
  • Willing to share best practices, policies, and lessons learned with other members.

Membership fees are assessed and due annually. Each Member is required to pay an annual membership fee of $1,000 USD.

An additional program fee will be charged when R20 begins to actively do work within the Member’s region (see end note*). This will occur after an agreement is met between the Member and the R20 through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The program fees will cover:

  • Initial Mission to the Member Region: The purpose is for R20 to learn about low-carbon economic development goals within the Member region.
  • Project Assessment: From projects identified during the initial mission, R20 selects those projects where it can add significant, measurable value.

The additional program fees are structured on a sliding scale based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita to be as equitable as possible.

The 2013 program fees are listed below:

1 – GDP per capita is < $1,000 USD
Fee: $5,000 USD

2 – GDP per capita is between $1,000 and $10,000 USD
Fee: $15,000 USD

3 – GDP per capita is > $10,000 USD
Fee: $25,000 USD

*Note: If it is not possible for a Member region to pay program fees upfront, the R20 and a Member region may agree that the R20 will receive these amounts as a result of fees generated from project implementation in the region, at the rates of 5,000 USD, 15,000 USD and 25,000 USD respectively.


Any additional services provided by the R20 teams, such as work on Project Development Plans, will be subject to specific negotiations to determine the costs involved, to be repaid to the R20. These services may include:

a. Determining the project development budgets;

b. Helping to secure necessary funding and other resources;

c. Working with member government, technology providers, project developers/owners, and other stakeholders to create the Project Development Plan (the Plan).

d. Sharing the Plan during the drafting process with advisors and potential investors/lenders so that the final document can serve as a roadmap to the prompt implementation of the project.

e. Developing pre-feasibility studies and business plans, etc.

Subnational governments interested in becoming R20 members must send a request for the Membership Application Form to the Secretariat and return it either electronically or via mail (

The forms are available in English, French, Spanish and German.

The Executive Committee will review all R20 membership applications on a quarterly basis to determine if applicants meet the membership criteria. The R20 will notify applicants of the Executive Committee’s decisions.

Become a Partner

R20 consists of both members (subnational governments) and partners (organizations other than subnational governments). R20’s members and partners are committed to working together to develop, implement, and communicate low-carbon and climate-resilient economic development projects, policies, and best practices within subnational governments worldwide.

R20 defines a partner as any legal or physical person other than a subnational or national government who desires to collaborate with R20 members to achieve R20’s objectives.

Partners may include:

  1. Academic institutions
  2. Corporations
  3. Financial institutions
  4. Intergovernmental organizations
  5. Non-profit organizations
  6. United Nations programmes

Partners will be classified into the above six categories. The Governing Board may add or remove partner categories as necessary. Where a partner falls into different categories, R20 will work with the organization to determine the most appropriate category.

  • The benefits of R20 partnership include:
    • Opportunity to participate in the design, implementation, communication and evaluation of low-carbon and climate-resilient projects worldwide;
    • Interaction with subnational government leaders around the world;
    • Interaction with environmental and economic thought leaders;
    • Invitation to participate in R20’s annual General Assembly meetings;
    • Eligibility to be elected to R20’s Governing Board;
    • Ability to vote for your Partner representative on R20’s Governing Board;
    • Receipt of R20’s communications;
    • Invitations to R20 events;
    • Opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world to discuss low-carbon and climate-resilient policies, programs, and projects and share best practices and lessons learned.
  • All R20 Partners shall:
    • Sign the R20 charter;
    • Demonstrate that their organizational mission is compatible with R20’s mission;
    • Commit to provide information, know-how, methodologies, tools, expertise, technologies and/or funding to advance R20’s projects;
    • Participate in R20 activities;
    • Provide visibility to R20 and its activities, as appropriate;
    • Pay annual corporate sponsorship fees, if applicable (applicable only to corporate partners); and
    • Sign the United Nations’ Global Compact, if relevant (relevant only to corporate partners).
  • Partners have the following responsibilities and opportunities within R20. They may:
    • Vote to elect one Partner Board Member for their partner category;
    • Participate in Advisory Committees, as requested;
    • Participate in General Assembly meetings;
    • Provide overall guidance and advice to members, observers, the Governing Board, the Executive Committee and Secretariat;
    • Contribute resources to the association (financial, technical, in kind, etc.).

Sponsorship fees apply only to Corporate Partners and private Financial Institution Partners. Academic institutions, non-profit organizations, intergovernmental organizations, United Nations programme partners and public financial institutions are not required to pay sponsorship fees, however, all partners are welcome to voluntarily sponsor R20.

  • Partnership will be terminated and an organization will no longer receive the benefits of R20 partnership when a partner does not:
    • Participate in a General Assembly meeting for two consecutive years (non-corporate partners)
    • Pay their annual corporate sponsorship fee within two years (corporate partners)


Please email: 
contact our R20 offices
in Switzerland (+41) 22 755 65 45) or
the US (+1) 310-664-0300)

Become an Observer

To become an observer, please send an email to