Vision and Objectives

The PAMEx (Plan of Action for a model Mediterranean Sea by 2030) Local Invest Finance Facility (PLIFF) is a public – private independent finance facility initiated by R20 Foundation in close collaboration with the Union for the Mediterranean, the French and Spanish Governments.

PLIFF is established as a restoration and regeneration platform in response to the existential climate and biodiversity crisis particularly exacerbated in the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas. Spanning Africa, Asia and Europe, the Mediterranean Sea sustains an abundance of endemic species, natural habitats and ecosystems of irreplaceable global climate and biodiversity significance.

R20 has invited the following signatory members to form the PLIFF Founding Coalition to build on the role of the Union for Mediterranean (UfM) and UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP MAP) as a regional platforms to coordinate and promote initiatives and concrete projects, and coordinate across regional organizations including IMO, FAO CFGM, etc..