What is R20 and what do we do?
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, discuss climate action and the importance of a bottom-up approach at the R20 Austrian World Summit 2019, in Vienna.
16 year old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, delivers a powerful and inspiring speech at R20 Austrian World Summit 2019.
In his closing address at One Planet Summit in Nairobi, French President, Emmanuel Macron, highlights the importance of decentralized cooperation and how R20, through multistakeholder partnerships and innovative finance, supports African local governments in building concrete solutions. (FRENCH)
Remarks by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres at the R20 Austrian World Summit.
Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg at the R20 Austrian World Summit 2019.
Founder of Solektra International, Samba Bathily, explains that the only way to scale-up renewable energy in Africa is through a multistakeholder approach and blended finance.
Arnold Schwarzenegger joins world leaders in vowing to make planet great after U.S. pulls out of Paris Agreement
Watch Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, explain what makes the Sub national Climate Fund a unique initiative.
Organized by R20, the first World Summit of Regions for Climate, held in Paris, in 2014, gathered over 1,000 representatives of cities, regions, provinces and states from across the globe to address climate change.
R20 Founding Chair, Arnold Schwarzenegger, reminds local and regional leaders of the tremendous power of sub-national governments to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement and keep the global temperature rise well below 2°C.
R20 Founding Chair, Arnold Schwarzenegger, delivers an inspiring speech during the Presidency High-level event on Health at COP23.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Don’t listen to the climate change cynics
COP21 Google Hangout Interview with Terry Tamminen and Angel Hsu on Climate Finance: A Status Report & Action Plan
Terry Tamminen on The Keys to Sustainable Communities. Bahrain. April 2016.
Michèle Sabban on WebTV for Green Cross
Why do I Care? The Call to Consciences for the Climate. A movement for harmony with our Planet
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2015 (February 5-7, 2015. Delhi, India)