What is R20 and what do we do?
Take a look at the introductory video.


Terry Tamminen on The Keys to Sustainable Communities. Bahrain. April 2016.
COP21: Highlights from the Cities & Regions Session. December 8, 2015.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Don’t listen to the climate change cynics
COP21 Google Hangout Interview with Terry Tamminen and Angel Hsu on Climate Finance: A Status Report & Action Plan
Michèle Sabban on WebTV for Green Cross
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech for the Summit of Conscience (July 21, 2015. Paris, France)
Why do I Care? The Call to Consciences for the Climate. A movement for harmony with our Planet
The World Summit of Regions for Climate (October 10-11, 2014. Paris, France)
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2015 (February 5-7, 2015. Delhi, India)
The Solar Bakery Project Opening Ceremony
(Gitega, Burundi)